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“My Name is Gitanjali and i am a Doctor of Siddha Medicine a Medical System founded by Sage Agastya. When I first read my palm leaves in 1994, it was predicted that I was chosen to serve as a Tool to promote this Ancient System of Knowledge to the World. There are many people in the west who are destined to revive their lost connection to Sage Agastya -who require proper guidance towards the authentic leaves and translation.

I feel truly blessed to be the one to promote this knowledge and Guide Westerners in their spiritual trips.

At that time, when I first heard this prediction it seemed unimaginable for me. I had just finished my medical studies, was working in a Siddha Clinic and in the R&D department of my parents’ phytomedical company. I had no connections to the western part of the world. …”fast forward”… Today I live in Switzerland with my husband and children and I have also guided hundreds of people in finding their Naadi and doing there Remedial Travels” 

Kind regards Gitanjali Azariah Thelen

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Why can’t I have children?


Why am I here?


Why do I have financial problems?


What is my purpose in life?


Why am I often accused in my job and not promoted?


Why can’t I find a life partner?


Why have I been abused?


Truth about Re-incarnation?


Did I bring karma from a previous life with me which I am now dealing with?


Shortly before success there are always obstacles that do not allow me to become successful.


Should I change my profession or my business model?


Problems with life partner / business partner


What is the reason for my repeated health issues?


Why do mishaps happen to me repeatedly?

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Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Palm leaf Reading 2019 Switzerland

I have always dreamed of travelling to India to receive a Palm Leaf reading. 2019 was the time. In Switzerland. I am so excited to hear my name, the name of my father and my other family… It was indescribable.

All other information was accurate and clear. Everything agreed.

A year later. Everything that I learned then makes me humble. It all came true. Every detail …

I can say it was and is a wonderful experience. Thanks 



On my spontaneous trip to india in the beginning of 2004 i heard about the palmleaf libraries and i started looking for them.
Several attempts failed, when i was about to give up, i got the address of the agastya naadi library where i found my palm leaf. my hair still stands up when the reader told  me my name, my parents’ name, my birthday, month, year, profession and much more. nobody there knew me. Afterwards a big transformation began for me. today i help my wife with her mission to make the palm leaves accessible



The Palm Leave finds you, not the other way around. It’s there and when the time comes you will be given the prediction that will change your life forever.

Hearing my name and all the details of my life and how I could overcome certain difficulties gave birth to so much hope that nothing was the same as before.

Only three months after the reading we (my husband and I) flew to India together with other truth seekers and placed ourselves in the hands of the incredibly well-organized Siddmed Travel Team.

The nine days of remedy in all this mystic and highly energetic temples were full off perception and humbleness. The procedures are in every single cell of my being and I’m carrying the lived experiences in my soul.

After the Tour we then spent ten more days on the Siddamed Farm where we could let the experience sink in.

These were so far the most recharging and far-reaching three weeks of my life and we hope to be able to travel there again soon to perform the remedy procedures of the Kotchara Shanti Chapter.













Naadi Reader / Translator


Sri Durai Subburathinam

Senior Chief Naadi Scholar


Dr. Gitanjali

Organising for Western Countries Europe / Americas


Sri Krishnamurti

Naadi Reader


Ave Aradhana

Supporter  Estonia & Northern Europe
Translator – English – Estonian



Translator – English – German



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