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The 13th & 14th chapter are the Shanthi & Deeksha remedial procedures. They help us to know our previous birth karma and reduce the effects of it through the prescribed remedies.
Travels are organised by competent organisers, who study your prescribed temple programmes (the names of temples from old text have to be rightly decoded to find the right temples for a person since it is in a coded Tamil poetic language) and organise it accordingly, through government authorised and registered travel agency Siddhamed Travels Pvt. ltd. There is an Organiser, 2 Managers & temple Guides/Drivers who rightly guide the clients to their respective temples and help them perform their remedial procedures accordingly. The drivers are trained to speak English and also explain to the clients about the deities in the temple & their importance and help them to perform the remedies (light the lamps & perform the poojas) in the proper prescribed way. Naadi Travel clients are picked up from the airport by our manager & drivers and brought to their hotels, for a rest. They are then escorted to the naadi centre where they can perform their Gurudhanam and then return to the hotel for a rest. All organisations in regard to lodging & boarding are preplanned & our accompanying organiser is a doctor who looks to the health of the Clients on the travel. On the day & time of departure to temples i.e. -at brahma muhurta- a special pooja is performed by the travel manager & drivers, so that we have a successful & safe travel with the blessings & guidance of the gods, to overcome the negativity in life & to charge one with the positive energy. A well designed time schedule is given to our travellers and they are guided accordingly. Our organiser/manager/drivers stand 24 hrs ready to help the customers as per their wishes and needs. Finally the trip leads to the ancient spiritual points in Kolli hills, where one can feel the purity, sanctity and energy of the area and find more peace & calm. During this stay we organise sessions where the client can place his questions in regard to the temples, naadis or travel and we offer the necessary clarification. This is important that the Client can communicate about his experiences (physical, mental and emotional) during the remedy travel and feel more light after offloading their heavy karma. We then return back to Chennai where they have a day at the beach as per their wish and then the travel ends by guiding them back to the airport for their departure.
There is always an answer in the naadis for the difficulties that can arise in one's life. Different problems encountered are specified with the respective remedial procedures in the 2nd-12th chapters. There are also special chapters which give details about political career, medical problems, and also more details in the prasanam chapter.
We help you to find your missing link that is connecting your present future with the past karma, and to map it out so that you can find the proper shortest, fastest way to reach your goal in this life. Offloading one's dark negative karma is not so easy since it is like a heavy load, but with naadi astrology we not only help you off load it, but we help you to recharge yourself with vibrating positive energy filled with light and happiness.
It is the universal law of your good and bad deeds in the past which determines the future modes of an individuals the reaction in the present & future life.
Yes, by doing your remedies correctly, it will help you overcome the negative influences around you also create positive influences in the lives of your parents, children, partner & siblings.
According to Siddha Philosophy - to be born as a human itself is because of your good karma. Therefore at this point it is not important to analyse how many lives one has to be reborn, but the value of how you live your life and clear your karma to attain salvation. That is why the Rishis have chosen you and given you the Naadi predictions, -to overcome your Karma and to live your life to attain Salvation i.e. unity of the Soul Energy (Jeevatma) with the Almighty Energy(Paramatma).
Remedies are certain procedures written in the palm leaves which is a prescription which you have to follow to overcome and convert the negative karma into a positive one and reduce the burden of it. For eg., We carry our karma which can be compared to a bag of 500 euro in the form of 1 euro coins. By performing the remedies it is like transforming the 500 coins into a single piece of 500 euro-which is lighter and easier to carry. The value remains the same, it is just the transformation which is made lighter and easier. The remedies help the transforming process.
Yes. One can overcome or minimise the effect of the negative influences in life.
The temples prescribed in the palm leaves for remedies, are ancient temples built according to Vastu Shastra are certain high energy Vortex points, which are under the influences of certain planetary radiation or energy radiation. These temples contain pure vibrations of magnetic and electric fields with positive energy, in such a way that the floor of the temple are good conductors of these positive vibrations allowing them to pass through our feet and the whole body and re-energise it. Visiting temples activates your sense organs. One can absorb the positive energy thereby help to displace the negative energy & reload in with positive energy. The copper plates placed under the deities help to absorb the Earths Magnetic Waves and radiate it to the surrounding. ***IT IS MISLEADING AND NOT RIGHT IF A NAADI READER PROCLAIMS THAT HE CAN DO YOU REMEDIAL PROCEDURE FOR YOU AND SEND YOU THE OFFERING. IN HINDU PHILOSOPHY THERE IS A SAYING- “IF YOU ARE HUNGRY – YOU HAVE TO EAT- IF SOMEONE ELSE EATS IT WILL NOT FILL YOU”. “ IF YOU ARE SICK- YOU HAVE TO TAKE MEDICINE-IF SOMEONE ELSE TAKES YOUR MEDICINE YOU WILL NOT BE CURED” THIS IS THE SAME PRINCIPLE ALSO TO DO YOUR REMEDIES.
The organiser of the naadi travels is from Switzerland, and maintains the travels in foreign standards in India for her travellers. Proper hygenic boarding & transport is looked for. The schedule is followed precisely and maintained for Europeans.
Yes, Foreigners are allowed to visit most of the temples. There are some temples where foreigners are not allowed. In this case, we would always try to get the necessary government permission to bring you to the main altar- but when it is not possibile our guide would take you inside the temple and take your pooja plate with your permission and complete the poojas in your name. In certain temples we need to register earlier for the pooja and the trip is then planned accordingly that you are present at that time to enter the temple and do your prayers and offerings to have the most benefits of the remedial procedures.
With the present situation, travel has been restricted in every part of the world. For this there are alternatives to do the deeksha mantra remedial procedure. When this is done, and the time is right you can visit the temples and make your remedial procedures. If you wish we can ask someone to make a special pooja/food offering in your name in the temples for the present time till you visit them. This will help to avoid the obstacles till you visit the temples.

General Questions

“This is the most karma changing travel I ever did”

Agastya gives in the palm leaf places and temples that have a positive transforming effect on the human energy system.
With Dr. Gitanjali’s “VASTU Services GmbH” we have undertaken such a Naadi Karma Remedy Tour.