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Palmblatt Tempel Remedy Travel ABHILFEVORGÄNGE bei Ahnenflüchen

Viele Menschen haben uns gefragt, warum es gerade jetzt so viele Probleme gibt, die die gesamte Menschheit und mich persönlich betreffen. Wir haben dem Weisen Agastya im Kapitel Prashana Kandam einige Fragen im Namen der Gruppen gestellt. Naadi Reading ist ein Geschenk der Siddhars an die Menschheit – ein wichtiges Element der Siddha-Wissenschaft, die von…
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REMEDIAL PROCEDURES of Ancestral curses

Many people have asked us why there are so many problems affecting the whole of humanity and me personally right now. We asked a few Questions on behalf of the groups to Sage Agastya in the Prashana Kandam chapter. Naadi Reading is a gift given by the Siddhars to Mankind – an important element of…
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Interview with Sri Durai Subburathinam Senior Chief Naadi Scholar

Mr. Durai Subburathinam’s Naadi centre commands the faith and respect of thousands of people who have tested the authenticity of the palmleaves he holds. Mr. Subburathinam, in this eye-opening Interview, offers some point’s by which the common public can distinguish between genuine Naadi Readers and hoaxes. Q: Sir, you seem to possess a good collection…
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Naadi Palmleaf System

The Naadi palm leaf system is one of the ancient and mystical sciences of Vedic astrology, by which one’s past, present and future can be predicted, in order to enable the person to identify his/her position in the world and to know in detail about the task he/she has been assigned and to identify the needs…
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