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General Frequently Asked Questions

Siddhars were spiritual gurus who mastered the ashta siddhis, or eight supernatural powers. Sage Agathya is considered the guru of all Siddhars, and the Siddha system is believed to have been handed over to him by Lord Muruga, son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi.
Original manuscripts were written 3000 years ago, and later rewritten to new Olai leaves 900 years ago. This Astrology is practiced in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and adjacent regions in India.
If you are not able to identify or confirm your leaf, then maybe it is not the time to read your leaf. But the urge to find it is there, so there must be one present. Try again after a period of 3-6 months, there are more chances then that you find the leaf.
Naadi Astrology (naaḍi jyotidam) is a form of Dharma astrology which serves to help a person to know more about his karma and his future predictions and to overcome the negative influences that he can come across in his life. It is based on the belief that the past, present, and future lives of all humans were foreseen by sages in ancient time.
The other naadi readers when they read online, they ask you to fill in a form with all your details and then find your palm leaves. But with us, you have to only send your thumb print and specify a Code and Male/Female on it. We do not need your name or any other details. We don’t need to know which part of the World/Europe/Asia you belong to. It is upto to the naadi reader to do the confirmation and give you all the information.
Yes, one can order and read the naadi online. For this you have to follow the process given on the website and send us your fingerprint marked with a code and specify male or female. No further information is required. After this we will inform the palm leaf library and obtain the bundles for your fingerprint. Once these are ready, we will make an appointment to read the leaves online.
Naadi Astrology gives you details of your future whereas Normal Astrology gives you only a frame work about your future.
When the "Pandemic" started and people were quite frightened, we asked the Palm leaves certain questions in regard to it. The answers we got were astonishing in the month of March 2020. The naadi explanation was that This was an Effect of Karma which the world had to Experience for the Injustice it had done to Animals and Nature. Be careful and stay aware of what is happening around you. Proper cure and medicines have already been given by Sage Agastya in Siddha Medicine - and this would help people follow easy methods of the ancient natural way of cure. Covid is the result of the curse of animals and destruction of nature. By killing animals for food, their pain and curse has accumulated and brought this bovine virus as a killer virus to the human community. The dark forces will use this as their weapon and try to make mankind weak. That is why during this period of kala sarpa dosham (the power of the snake increases and emits deadly poison/disease). An increase in global pollution, disease, health hazards resulting in death, mental stress & house arrest (gruha bandhana yogam)- which lead to downfall & failure in politics, separation & divorces, imprisonment & destruction of kingdoms, accidents, loss of wealth, poverty, hunger & theft. The dark forces will be at work and goodwill and light will diminish in the world. After this the world will experience a major turning point and people will choose to live as vegetarian and also respect nature.
It takes about minimum 1 hr - maximum 3 hrs to confirm one`s palm leaf. Once the confirmation is done, then it takes about an hour to read the entire general chapter.
In ancient India, the rishis used to have schools in which they used to train the 6th Sense ability of man. Psychic means the one who can see into the future, using his Extra sensory perception (ESP) to identify information hidden from the normal senses, particularly involving telepathy or clairvoyance or who performs acts that are apparently inexplicable by natural laws. So, people would stay for twelve or thirteen years and meditate, go deep within and then the master would give them a task. He would say, ‘in 2015, on this particular day, at this particular minute, somebody will be born. It involves two things – astrological calculation and an insight into space and time. So, this is how they were trained to write the palm leaves.
When he deciphers the poetic information-it gives information regarding the date/month/year of birth, or about one`s parents, health problems, profession, partner/wife, children, or name details. For this the client answers yes, no or maybe.
The answers to your questions for the present and future are in the naadi leaves.
Only If you wish to know details of your death then you can ask for the details in the 8th chapter.
No. You do not have to pay if we don’t find your leaf. Only after confirmation does one have to pay.
Yes. That is why you have been drawn to read your palm leaves, to know the reasons what causes the obstacles and how to overcome them.
Naadi reading helps you to transform the negative karma into a positive karma, so that you can live a happy life. The destiny is sum total of all your positive and negative acts from many births. What you have sown, you reap. This is the law of nature. It will not change but helps to transform and minimise the negative influences in present life.
When one`s destiny comes under the guidance of Sage Agastya, then the possibility of him/her to have a palmleaf in Agastya Naadi is sure.
Forgery prevails in every field. There is fake not only in articles, books and medicine, but also in astrology and astrologers who pose as real professionals, They try to get you to fill a form with the details, and then give you back the information as a naadi reading. This is the original agastya palm leaf library, for 3 generations they hold their leaves as their family heritage and make no advertisement for their work. Their authentic reading has been established and truth in their reading spreads from one customer to another after they have made their experiences. Many Politicians and high officials come to them for their predications. So in short- to say- This Specific Agasthya Naadi Astrology – “Is True and Time Tested”.
Naadi astrology helps a person 1. To identify previous karmic deeds & the negative results of it, that creates obstacles in life. 2. Get a clear picture of your past, present & future. 3. To be forewarned about the negative occurrences in his/her life and to help manage it.
Yes. After the reading is done, then it is best to complete one or more of the remedial procedures-thereby uprooting the obstacles -you clear yourself to receive the complete positive influences which will help to improve your life quality from the moment to the future.

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