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Agastya Naadi Palmleaf Library

in 3rd. Generation

Dr. Gitanjali was appointed as representative of Agastya Naadi palmleaf library for Europe and America

“After 25 years of cooperation we decided in 2020 that Dr. Gitanjali Azariah Thelen will represent our palmleaf library in the West.

We have come to know Dr. Gitanjali as a straight and powerful person. Her good language skills in Tamil, English and German are a pre-requisite for a correct translation of the palm leaf contents into English.

The transformative actions suggested in the palm leaf to dissolve and minimise negative karma and the given journeys and prayers are not so easy to implement for westerners. We are always very positively surprised with the precision and logistical performance with which she organizes it for the travelers and makes this Spiritual Transformation possible for them. We feel Agastya’s blessings during all her travels.
"Thank you for your Service. ”

Durai Subburathinam

Senior Chief Naadi Scholar