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Question and Answers when reading your Naadi

FAQ During Reading

1. FINGER PRINT PROCESS- First you are required to give an impression of your thumb print: i.e. female-left thumb print male-thumb print - PLEASE SPECIFY MALE/FEMALE ON THE PRINT. 2. SEARCH PROCESS-Next the Naadi Astrologer collects the bundles corresponding to your print and starts to read from it. There are about 7-30 bundles or even more corresponding to each finger print. 3. IDENTIFICATION PROCESS-When the Naadi reader starts to decipher what is written on the palm leaf he starts to ask you a series of questions-for which you answer "Yes or No". You personally come to identify your palm leaf- the process is called Naadi Astrology. 4. CONFIRMATION PROCESS- The Naadi reader continues to read and in the process eliminates the leaves that do not correspond to you. At one point he arrives at a leaf which gives your name, your parent's names-stating if they are alive or dead or sick, Marital status-your wife’s /partner's name, children's name, details about siblings, your date, month, year and day of birth, your profession(s)/business, if you have any present critical health problems. This is the confirmation that the Palm leaf that has been identified belongs to you.
As per the Yogic sciences Shiva symbolises consciousness, the masculine principle which is the right side. Sakthi symbolises the feminine principle, which is the left side. That is the reason we choose the left thumb print for female and right thumb print for male.
Fingerprints are the patterns or marking on fingertips and are created around the 10th week of pregnancy ( when the foetus measures approx. 7.62 cm) and are definitive by the 6th month of pregnancy and remained unchanged from then until you die. Despite any damage, they are always regenerated following the original pattern. In the Naadi Siddha Tradition-viewed this thumb print as the destiny, prepared for each individual- the mirror of the innate talents that accompany you from before you were born.
When he deciphers the poetic information-there stands a date/month/year of birth, or about ones parents, health problems, profession, partner/wife, children, or name details. For this the client answers yes, no or maybe.
Yes. These details are available in your general chapter, but if you need more details, you can ask for the specific chapters.

FaQ after reading