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REMEDIAL PROCEDURES of Ancestral curses

Many people have asked us why there are so many problems affecting the whole of humanity and me personally right now.

We asked a few Questions on behalf of the groups to Sage Agastya in the Prashana Kandam chapter.

Naadi Reading is a gift given by the Siddhars to Mankind - an important element of the Siddha Science which was founded by Sage Agastya to help people and give them the necessary information to protect them from the negative energies around them.

During this time, many of us have experienced ups and downs in our day to day life, business, relationships, health and also other fields of life.

Though many of us have encountered many hardships we have been able to overcome the negativity since we have already completed our Remedial Procedures and we have the protection of the Siddhars and the blessings of the Gods.

For this the Great Sage replied — The karma one has done can be easily overcome by doing his Remedial procedures, but the Karma of the Ancestors and forefathers can stay strong and create problems in the lineage for 21 generations and more.

In order to overcome one’s own Karma- we can ask someone to do the temple visits for on one’s behalf.  This will help to reduce  the intensity of the negative influences to a certain extent.  But it is important that in the future the person also goes directly to do this procedure.

But in order to overcome the effect of the Ancestoral curses – it is best to also do the necessary procedure.

The wrath of this added Ancestral Karma and curses, is a also a reason for the Corona outbreak.  The only way to overcome this is to perform Certain special poojas in Shwetaranyeshwarar temple and do Tharpanam.

This temple is known as Rudra Gaya and is considered to be more powerful as it has the  FEET OF LORD RUDRA which is found under the Fig tree behind the  Chandra theertham.

By doing the Tharpanam and Shraddham for Pithrus here it is very powerful to wash of the sins of one’s lineage for 21 generations.  Even Lord Rama had this done to win the war against Ravana.

Can someone do the procedure for me?

As a rule the person connected to the lineage has to be present directly to do the procedure.  But in certain cases there is an exception:

When the person is sick or unable to attend due to unavoidable circumstances, then the person appointed will be given a certain authorisation ( that is sending some yellow rice in a green cloth) and this will used by the appointed person to perform the pooja for the individual.

What are the effect of Ancestoral / Pitru Curses in a person’s life?

There are 3 types of Pitru Dosha or curses-

1)one is due to the effect of the planets,

2)deeds of the ancestors and

3)one’s own karma. 

The dosha that arises from the negative deeds of ancestors during their lifetime is the primary cause of  negative karmain one’s life.

This exhibits very harmful effects for the lineage in different ways to the individual. Hence the native is held accountable to pay for the wrong doings of his/her ancestors’ past deeds by going through various punishments, that produces repeated inevitable and unexpected hardships in one’s  life causing lack of mental peace and money.

Pitru doshas exhibits itself in ones horoscope as the following doshas:

Kaal Sarpa dosha

Pitru dosha

Nadi dosha

Guru chandra dosha

Mangal dosha

Grahan dosha

Gandamool dosha

Shani dosha

The Ancestral curses are strong bonds and are coded into the Genes and added to  Generation after Generation – when the curses become stronger and stronger.  The effect of the curse is that  they create problems, hindrances in the life of the individual or their family members.  Repeated Obstacles arise to their ideas, preparations, business or and regular breaks in their relationships.  Each step a person takes forward, the Ancestral curses will push him back 3 steps or more .  So progress is hindered and the individual will not have any idea why such adversity  happens in one’s life. This Curse is like a weapon and will keep wounding a person or his descendents who are all genetically connected.

Signs to identify Pitru dosham

1.  Children falling sick frequently.

2.  Couple having problems in conceiving the child-i.e. problem to become pregnant or in pregnancy.

3.   Frequent miscarriages

4.   Only a girl child being conceived recurrently

5.   Quarrels among family members without any valid reason

6.   Hindrance in educational and career growth and success.

8.   Lagging family growth and constantly facing problems (financial)

9.   Physically or mentally handicapped person is more likely to have this affliction.

10.  Problems arising in issues regarding marriage.

11.  Often family members are surrounded by diseases, and family can face plenty of physical, emotional and financial problems- unfavourable household environment. Severe problems can arise between husband and wife.

12.  Native often remain regularly under debt and despite all their efforts, they are unable to settle the debt.  This can cause stress to financial growth or situation in the family.  Poverty and inadequacy would prevail in the family.

13.  The possibility that any member of the family is likely to see a snake in his/her dreams or the ancestor demanding food or clothes.

14.  The native can lose his reputation in the society or in severe cases he/she can serve long imprisonment.

15.  This can also bring about unnatural death like suicides/accidents/murder or continuous loss of lives in a mysterious manner.

What can we avoid by doing this Tharpanam Homa, Pooja ?

It is recommended to do the Homa directly since in the fire ceremony the direct person connected to the ancestors have to take part in it and break the genetic bonds directly.
By perform the pooja one can only minimise the effect of the ancestral curses.

The Ancestors will be happy and we will always have their blessings and protection,

We will also have the blessings of Viswedevas ( a section of devas who accompany the ancestral souls) and Agni Deva who also participates in the Homa.

Satisfaction of the Ancestors and removing the curses helps progress and benefits in health, progeny, wealth, wisdom for the individual and also ifor the future generation.

How to Perform the Homa, Pooja?

It is always best that one has to come directly to perform the Tharpanam Homa (Paarvana Vidhanam Tharpanam for the ancestors), since this is a strong Genetic connection, and can be broken directly by only the family members.  But when a person is not able to come, then a another person is appointed in his/her behalf and a Special Tharpana Pooja ( Hiranya Sraaddha Tharpanam) can be performed for them.   This will help to give protection and also help one to overcome the Obstacles that always come up in one’s life or activities. A normal Tharpanam can go back to only 3 generations.  But the Tharpanam  at Rudra patham can help remove the curses for 21 generation.

KAAL SARPA DOSHA-2020 is the year with this Dosha for the whole world

If all 7 planets are found in between Rahu and Ketu, it results in complete of intense Kaal Sarpa dosha and even if one of the 7 planets is found outside the axis, then it is terms partial kaap sarpa dosha and is not so intense.

Corona in 2020 started with Kaal Sarpa Dosha and we have all experienced the intensity of the situation.


Cham, Switzerland by Dr. Gitanjali Azariah Thelen