Cham. Switzerland

Find my Palmleaf

What do I have to do to find my personal palmleaf

First you have to make your thumbprint. Mark it with a Code, and state Male/Female.

Women-left thumb

Men-right thumb

This is all we need. No Names, Date of birth or any Personal Information.

Video instruction how to take Thumb print

In this little film you can see how to do it best.

Video Instruction

Search the Bundle

After we have received the thumbprint we send it to the Naadi library.

It takes a few days / weeks to find and collect the  palm leaf bundles.

When the bundles are found we will first make an appointment to confirm your personal palm leaf. Only when the Leaf with details of your name, parents’ name, Date of birth, month and year, profession, siblings, partner is Identified-then the Confirmation is completed and we can proceed to read the Palm leaf.